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Have you ever experienced a dejavu? If so, did you remember dreaming about the experience previously?

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    • My weirdest deja vu was summer 1972 & I’d worked at a YWCA summer camp. The weirdness lasted all day in which darned nearly every action & conversation were a rerun. 5-6 of us sat around the evening campfire roasting marshmallows (a once every 2 week treat) and I’d sighed, “God, what a day, everything’s been dejavu.” The gal across the fire jerked her head and looked at me, saying she’d thought it was just her. The gal to my right laughed and said no, it was her too. Another gal said the same thing. Eventually we all were comparing dejavu from that day, and agreed that it was like the time line had made a restart. Even that was a group dejavu consensus. Spooky.

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      • That's super interesting!

        The weirdest dejavu I ever had (early 1990's) lasted an entire day, but the dejavu itself was repeated for about two weeks (reliving the exact same day over and over). By the end of it, I was kinda freaking out wondering whether the experience would ever end. The sense of relief when I finally woke up to a new day was indescribable.

        The causal factor seemed to be my having performed some unethical love magic which backfired on me, and was exacerbated by ritual work I'd been doing to increase clairvoyant ability. My patron deity decided to give me a firm cuff on the side of the head. Live and learn.

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      • I don't have a good memory about these things, but generally when I get dejavu I feel like I've already lived the moment only after living it. I can't foresee what is going to happen.

        I also don't remember dreaming them, but I experience dejavus in my dreams too. It's like dreaming for the second time the same dream, knowing what is going to happen and being able to change the "future" (all in the dream though!). I'd like to share my weirdest dejavu but in this moment I feel my mind empty! 😅 

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        • I have been able to change the dejavu on a couple occasions. It took years of practice with oneiromancy, but eventually I was able to catch it in the split second before it occurred and choose to respond to the circumstance differently than I remembered. It's not easy. A bit like catching an arrow out of the air. But it is possible. It has to do with the maturation of the soul, and cultivating the ability to step back from your instinctual reactions. Mindfulness meditation is a good way to accomplish that.

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        • Clicked on the wrong answer...Can I have a redo 🙃😉

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          • I'm new to this site, so not sure how you'd do that. That said, if you lmk which you chose and which you meant to choose, that would help me to come up with more accurate % of who does or doesn't dream of their dejavu. So far though (I've asked this question many times) it seems around 60-70% of people remember dreaming about their dejavu before it occurs.

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            • Yep, that's me as well.. recall dreaming about it prior. Pretty sure clicked - not dreamed. 

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