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Yarah (Black Moon)


Yarah is the Black Feline of the group here.... She is like a 'Guard Dog with a Watch' follows me everywhere, settles close by, and watches, even in that 'One-Eyed' sleep motion... She even has it down to the seconds when I am about to settle for the night - up into the room like a scout - checking out the area - before She settles in exactly the same place every night...

She has (like the others do) Her own feeding station...... and knows exactly when feeding time is at hand.. Sits patiently at the unit....but also strategically so that She can watch the other areas, by quick glance. Even when Her bowls are filled - She then waits for the rest of the Team to get to theirs, before She is content enough to eat....never quite finishing - leaving just enough for through out the day snacks..... but cleaned, and cleared by the time evening feed is approaching.

The above image (sent to me by a colleague who knows Yarah) reminds me of how unique She is...

'Light' aka Lise

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