Are you ready to convert from Christianity to Paganism?

This quiz is based on my own experience leaving Christianity, and so is absolutely biased. But hopefully not in a way that makes others feel less than. I think the most beautiful part of paganism is its willingness to allow each individual to walk their own path and find their own truths.

For each question in this , select all of the answers that are true for you, even if there are more than one.

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  • Damn, that's a great quiz!

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    • It may be possible that some of the answers should have a 1 (one)  (making it a valid answer) where they currently have a 0 (zero). I took the and answered in a way that someone available and wanting to convert from to would answer, and I did really badly in the .

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      • I got 4 out of 13 “correct” ... I’m more esoteric than pagan.🧐

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        • I just took the test but I can't figure out how to view results. Can any one let me know?

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          • Breeze hang in there...we're looking at that and we're going to sort out how to score it better. It's a great quiz but I think it needs a legend and some clarification on how it scores some answers. I took it and sort of pretended that I was available psychologically and all other ways to move from to and I scored very badly...some something's off a bit. We're werkin' on it ;)


            The issue is in the code that resolves the submitted answers, not in the quiz itself. A fix is in the works...

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          • Breeze and Norwich and everyone that takes this and other , we've sorted out what's going on with the weird results. It turns out that there might be several correct answers, and there might be several incorrect answers, for each question. So, for each question, check all the boxes that are true. There may be more than one box that is true! 

            I was under the impression that I could only select one single answer per question, but that's not correct. It turns out that more than one answer can be correct. After understanding that, and retesting, I got 100%. Maybe ya'll should give it another try with that in mind, and see how it turns out.

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