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In The Witches Community, Covens are found in the Groups section.

Create a page for your Coven

Go to your Profile, click on Add, then click on Group. Give the Coven/Group a Group Name, and for the Category, select Covens. Give your #Coven a good Description and consider adding a general Location.

When you've created a page for your Coven, you can control which Members are allowed. Discussions, Posts, and other things are private to your Coven/Group, and won't show up in the main Discussions thread.

Become a vendor

How to become a #vendor and #sell things on The Witches Community.


Use or create a #PayPal business account. You'll need an Identity Token from your PayPal configuration found when turning ON the Payment Data Transfer on this page

Payment setup

in Profile > Settings > Payments you'll need to set Active to ON, Mode to live, Business to your PayPal business email login address, Process Type to PDT, and Identity Token to the token you got from your PayPal business account configuration page. Experiments have shown that turning the Data Return URL to OFF will send the buyer to your PayPal "finished" page, which seems to be the best option for good flow.

To check your sales, go here (

Selling digital files

This section only applies to those selling digital files, like e-books. If that's you, then make sure the file(s) you are selling are compressed using zip. Set the #Price using the One Time Payment but don't use dollar signs...just use numbers (1.00 for one dollar, for example). Set Type to version and set Version to 1.0.0 and put a check mark in Use As Main.

Test it all

Make sure you save all your work and test it several times.